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Why Follower Frenzy?

  • Targeting that tunes itself to your goals
  • Super simple setup, clean UI
  • Followers that will engage & convert
  • Our machine learning algorithms find the Influencers and Intenders most relevant to you or your business


  • Gain highly-targeted followers and prospects
  • Grow your audience and advocates
  • Increase word of mouth and revenue
  • Great for agencies and SMBs
  • Spend less time managing social accounts and get more ROI

How it Works?

  • Start your FREE campaign, no card needed
  • Enter a few keywords relevant to your business
  • Follower Frenzy identifies high quality targets
  • New prospects will gain awareness and follow you

Plans & Pricing

Monthly subscriptions that best fits your needs. Cancel anytime.

Bronze Plan
  • 150-300 followers per month projected
  • Up to 4,500 monthly impressions
  • Target up to 5 Keywords
Gold Plan
  • 1,000-2,000+ followers per month projected
  • Up to 30,000 monthly impressions
  • Target up to 15 Keywords


Follower Frenzy is the simplest way to gain high quality, relevant Twitter followers at scale.

If you're interested in quickly growing your social presence on Twitter with relevant followers, getting higher engagement and conversions to sales and downloads, Follower Frenzy can help with very minimal effort on your part.

  • Just start a free campaign anytime, no credit card required. We'll ask you to enter a few terms, phrases, hashtags etc. that are relevant to you and your intended audience.
  • Follower Frenzy intelligently identifies high quality targets on twitter that are likely to respond, and brings you into the conversation in a positive and productive way by favoriting their relevant tweets.
  • Your new prospects receive a notification where they can see your profile and choose to follow you or click to your website.
  • We execute all this at scale, providing you with organic growth of dozens of relevant, targeted followers per week or more and an even broader audience that gains awareness of your offering.

We use state of the art algorithms and predictive analytics to engage with people who are relevant and receptive to your message, and continually optimize your campaigns. You can see this performance on your dashboard with detailed analytics on your Impressions (notifications) and Conversions (followers gained). Our system also intelligently avoids engaging any spammy or controversial users.

Typically they receive an email in their Inbox, and it's featured when they view their Connect tab in their Twitter app, both on mobile and on You then have deeper opportunities to engage and convert them.

Absolutely not. We will never post tweets, retweet, or follow or message people.

Great, just start your free campaign! Have more questions? talk to us, we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas.